Serotonin puts the brakes on libido, by lowering dopamine

Nothing really surprising, as far as Peatarians are concerned, in the findings of this study. I am only posting it here as it is one of the few that officially acknowledge that serotonergic drugs cause sexual dysfunction – i.e. something mainstream medicine has vehemently denied for decades. As such, it corroborates the approach of using anti-serotonin drugs such as cyproheptadine or low-dose (25mg-50mg daily) Benadryl, as well as dopamine agonists of the ergot class for the treatment of so-called PSSD – the persistent sexual dysfunction induced by serotonergic drugs. The study also explains why/how chronic stress inhibits libido – i.e. stress is known to powerfully elevate serotonin and lower dopamine. And last but not least, since these neurotransmitters play a key role in reproductive health as well, the study below demonstrates how/why stress causes infertility (in both sexes). The good news is that the therapies I mentioned above are applicable for both the lack of libido and infertility, whether caused by stress or by pharmacological poisons such as SSRI drugs.

Sex Drive Linked to Medication-Sensitive Neuronal Signaling Mechanism

“…The researchers propose that elevated serotonin may act as a brake on dopamine signaling in mating-related circuits, thereby decreasing libido—a side effect that nearly 75% of patients taking SSRIs experience. The scientists suggest that future therapies could target the newly identified dopamine-releasing neurons that regulate the drive to mate to alleviate the problem, thereby eliminating a major reason patients discontinue taking antidepressant medications.”

Author: haidut