(Brain) Cancer is a metabolic disease, can be treated by glutamine restriction

It seems that mainstream medicine is finally wisening up to the massacre they have been orchestrating for the last 100 years. Without much fanfare or apologies, medicine is now quietly changing its story on cancer, hoping the public won’t notice as long as a cure is finally found. The study below is yet another one … Read more

Baking soda may treat cancer, metformin may cause it

As many readers know, using baking soda to treat cancer has been labelled as “quack medicine” by many mouthpieces of mainstream medicine, as well as by several “watchdog” groups. Here are some links “debunking” the usage of baking soda for cancer. https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/another-cancer-tragedy-in-the-making/ https://scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org/2014/03/24/dont-believe-the-hype-10-persistent-cancer-myths-debunked/#fungus https://edzardernst.com/2017/02/this-must-be-the-most-sickening-cancer-scam-i-have-seen-for-a-while/ Some of the claims of the baking soda proponents are not … Read more

GWAS predicting height are bunk; same likely the case for disease-prediction

Another study calls into question the validity of genome-wide association studies (GWAS), at least when it comes to traits such as height. Height (together with IQ) was once hailed as one of the most genetically-sensitive traits and so-called polygenic scores were developed that were claimed to predict a person’s height within a fraction of a … Read more

Vitamin D deficiency can cause heart failure

As many readers know, there is an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency. It is of worldwide proportions, but is visible mainly in “developed” countries in the Western world. The official stance of mainstream medicine is that while vitamin D deficiency is undesirable, it does not really have much clinical relevance except for older people at … Read more

Millennials are sicker than previous generations

Finally, a study that says what no doctor wants to say publicly – the younger generations are in such poor health they are far less healthy than their parents were at the same age, and less so than their grandparents. I posted quite a few studies showing the rapidly rising rates of various diseases in … Read more

Cancer is a metabolic disease, diet is its drug

This is perhaps the most stunning article to date I have seen in mainstream media (MSM). For more than 100 years the story has always been that cancer is a genetic disease due to mutations that turn cells into rampant killing machines. Now, one of the bastions of MSM – the mighty “Atlantic” – has … Read more

Aspirin actually decreases risk of bleeding in the brain

As many readers know, one of the scary stories Big Pharma tells about aspirin is that it increases the risk of bleeding in the GI tract or brain. As such aspirin has long been bashed as a possible cause of so-called hemorrhaging strokes. I posted two studies a few years ago demonstrating that aspirin, in … Read more

Elevated endotoxin (LPS) linked to lower survival in cancer

Another study about endotoxin, this time linking higher sensitivity to endotoxin to lower survival chance for people with lymphoma. While the study below looked at only one cancer, there are multiple studies with other cancer that have found a similar link. Endotoxin and cancer go hand in hand, that much is clear. https://www.dovepress.com/tlr4-expression-correlated-with-pd-l1-expression-indicates-a-poor-prog-peer-reviewed-article-CMAR “…Background: Toll-like … Read more

A selective serotonin antagonist is a potent antidepressant

Fraud, fraud and nothing but fraud! I used to think it is shear stupidity, but the evidence for deliberate manipulation of public opinion and health policy is just too strong. After more than half a century of claiming that serotonin cures depression, now mainstream medicine is quietly trying to retreat from this fiasco by introducing … Read more

Blocking endotoxin (LPS) may reverse/cure diabetes type I (insulin dependent)

Yet another study demonstrating the key role of endotoxin in the pathology of perhaps the most widespread chronic disease – diabetes. The study below discovered that the proliferation of the insulin-producing beta-cells in the pancreas is controlled almost entirely by the TLR4/TLR2 receptor family. Activation of those receptors led to rapid death of beta-cells and, … Read more