BREAKING: Seminal study, core of the amyloid-Alzheimer theory, was FABRICATED!

It rarely gets any more damning for a scientific field than what was just announced today. Namely, the study considered the most important/influential in maintaining scientific support for the central dogma of dementia research – the beta-amyloid hypothesis of Alzheimer Disease (AD) – was not just wrong, but directly and deliberately FABRICATED in order to … Read more

Negative childhood experiences accelerate aging/disease in humans

I am posting this study mostly as a counterexample to all the drivel coming out of gerontology research circles. Namely, the dogma is that biological aging is overwhelmingly influenced/determined by genes and cannot really be retarded (pun intended) or accelerated by the environment. This dogma persists despite decades of research on pregnant mothers showing maternal … Read more

Higher metabolic rate, not exercise, makes people naturally slim

Hopefully, this study will pour cold water on all the “fitness gurus” out there who preach (though, not often practice) the mantra “no pain, no gain”. Or in this case, instead of gain they mean loss – of fat mass, that is. If there is any industry that is recession-proof it is probably the exercise/fitness … Read more

Mitochondrial debris (from stress/injury) causes “autoimmune” disease

After dancing around the issue for the last 10+ years, it looks like medicine is finally ready to admit the obvious. Namely, cellular (and more specifically, mitochondrial) debris created by stress/injury and dumped into the bloodstream causes the (in)famous “flares” that define virtually all “autoimmune” conditions and are the main focus of doctors and pharma … Read more

Cancer relies on fat as fuel due to high reductive stress

One of the few studies out there that not only links cancer with impaired OXPHOS, but demonstrates directly the role of reductive stress (exemplified by the NAD/NADH ratio) in cancer’s appetite for fats as fuel required for the cancer survival and proliferation/metastasis. It also once again demonstrates the falsehood of the popular term “oxidative” stress, … Read more

No evidence for rate-of-living theory of aging

Just a quick post, since this topic dominates anti-aging research – i.e. despite lack of concrete evidence for it, mainstream research (and finding agencies) continue to claim that longevity is tied to metabolism, but in an inverse relationship. The study below is on turtles – one of the longest living organisms on the planet – … Read more

Plant protein has much lower cellular uptake/utilization, compared to animal

Despite the efforts of the powers that be, the evidence against the benefits of plant protein intake continues to accumulate. It has been known since the 1970s that the so-called net nitrogen utilization (NNU) of plant protein is quite low and potentially lower than 0.5, which means that consuming plant protein is actually a net … Read more