Consciousness is not computation

Actual title of the article below…and I would also add that, since intelligence and computation are inseparable, computation is NOT intelligence either. After spending the better part of the last decade arguing that a so-called (digital) Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is impossible and is likely nothing more than another (desperate) marketing trick Big Tech uses … Read more

A real medical “conspiracy” is the reason for failure of Alzheimer treatments

A meta-review study I posted about years ago stated openly that 99% of all clinical trials for Alzheimer Disease (AD) have failed. It is hard to call this anything but abject, miserable failure pointing to the fact that the hypothesis on the pathology/origin of AD is dead-wrong. However, it is hard to imagine that billions … Read more

Even elephants become “thugs” when they grow up without a father figure

I bet this study will never make the front-page of mainstream media outlets, simply because it is too inconvenient for both sides of the political spectrum. As it seems, there is no substitute for a father’s love and guidance/discipline, no matter what the babbling psychos on TV would have us believe. One side has largely … Read more

An estrogen antagonist treats many cancers, including triple-negative breast cancer

Just a portion of the title is already paradoxical, according to mainstream medical dogma. Namely, how can an estrogen antagonist treat triple-negative breast cancer that is supposedly fully immune to any hormonal effects!? Well, maybe the whole idea of hormonal “receptors” as the only mechanism through which hormones exert their effects on cells is rather … Read more

“Endurance” exercise ages the vascular system of males by more than a decade

A very interesting study, though I don’t really agree with its findings that while “endurance” (in this case running) exercise damages male vascular system it is beneficial for the female one. The majority of intervention studies that looked at both sexes, across all age groups found that chronic “endurance” exercise leads to vascular calcification and … Read more

Malnutrition (fasting) or protein deficiency sufficient to cause diabetes

Yet another study that should give a pause to all health care providers who push their patients to lose weight at any cost – i.e. “lower is always better”, when it comes to BMI, as the dogma goes. Well, apparently not, according to the study below. The even more astounding fact is that it looks … Read more

Higher progesterone, lower estrogen makes women more generous

It looks like the beneficial effects if progesterone and harmful effects of estrogen are not limited to health. The study below found a women become much more generous in terms of buying drinks or gifts for their peers during the luteal phase, when progesterone is elevated and estrogen is low. If progesterone and estrogen are … Read more

Vitamin D Deficiency Can Lead to Dementia And Stroke

Despite this being an observational study, the analysis for extraneous factors has been strong enough that the authors believe the link between vitamin D deficiency and dementia/stroke is causal. As the study itself says, almost 20% of dementia/stroke cases could be prevented by simply supplementing with vitamin D. And since by supplementation such studies often … Read more

Even low-dose Vitamin D may prevent/treat dental cavities

Another study demonstrating that an “inevitable” conditions such as dental cavities may actually be preventable and, at least in its early forms, even treatable by vitamin D. The study immersed extracted teeth in different types of saliva with varying pH levels. One of the saliva types also came from volunteers that had been taking a … Read more

Ocular progesterone administration may treat eye, brain, and mental illness

A few months ago, I posted a study demonstrating improvement in localized, ocular steroidogenesis by administration of a small amount of niacinamide (as an aqueous solution) directly into the eye. It looks like ocular administration of a variety of substances is a hot topic in research circles, as I saw a number of other studies … Read more