Gorillas have developed human-like “societies” that are not based on kin

One of the central dogmas in biology is that any large number of animals behaving as a group in deliberate manner, spanning multiple generations, is invariably based on kin. The dogma argues that this is the only way individual survival and procreation can take a back stage to the interests of the group as a … Read more

Fertility depends on metabollism (ATP), not age

As many of you know, there are two fundamental dogmas in reproductive medicine. One is that every woman is born with a fixed number of eggs and those cannot be replenished. The second one is that there is a biological fertility clock in every woman that inexorably ticks, and if the female does not have … Read more

We are live!

I have been thinking of starting my own blog to mirror the posts I make on the Ray Peat forum. After multiple delays and unforeseen hurdles, it looks like the blog is finally up and running. Yay!