Dieting is deleterious

Hot on the heels of another post I recently made is the study below, which concludes that dieting (fasting) is deleterious to metabolism and health in general and needs to be seriously re-evaluated by medical professionals who repeat ad nauseam “eat less and move more”. Fasting and exercise closely mimic the effects of the low-carb diets such as the keto or Paleo types. The result of “eating less and moving more” is chronically elevated cortisol, which has known detrimental effects systemically and has been implicated in both insulin resistance and diabetes, as I mentioned in a previous post.

Unfortunately, despite the known/proven role of cortisol in virtually all diseases officially designated as metabolic (and even beyond), the medical profession refuses to accept that it is possible to induce those disease through dieting/fasting and exercise. This can only happen by administering cortisol exogenously as a treatment, they say, and in most cases it is only a temporary pathology that clears up on its own. Well, not so, as both studies below argue. Eating less and/or moving more can quite literally make you sick.

“…Conclusions: A low-carbohydrate diet alters cortisol metabolism independently of weight loss. In obese men, this enhances cortisol regeneration by 11β-HSD1 and reduces cortisol inactivation by A-ring reductases in liver without affecting sc adipose 11β-HSD1. Alterations in cortisol metabolism may be a consequence of macronutrient dietary content and may mediate effects of diet on metabolic health.”

“… “…Results: Restricting calories increased the total output of cortisol, and monitoring calories increased perceived stress. Conclusions: Dieting may be deleterious to psychological well-being and biological functioning, and changes in clinical recommendations may be in order.”

Author: haidut