Deliberate self-injury may be driven by systemic inflammation

This study below is not really discussing metabolic topics, but I though it would be interesting to post just as a reminder of the total scam modern psychiatry is. People prone to the so-called non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) are invariably diagnosed with a plethora of mental disorders and given all types of toxic/detrimental drugs, and are often involuntarily hospitalized in order to prevent further self-injury. The condition, is quite common among children and adolescents and despite (or should I say because of) aggressive “treatments” it persists in its patients for many years and often lasts a lifetime. It is truly sad to see that yet another “mysterious” disorder has a very simple and easily-treatable cause, but instead of reaching for the aspirin jar, most doctors keep torturing their patients for years.

“…There was no significant difference in demographic data between the two groups. The NSSI group exhibited significantly higher MLR (P = 0.001) and PLR (P = 0.007) than the non-NSSI group. Multivariate logistic regression analysis revealed that MLR (OR 1.545, 95%CI [1.087–2.281], P = 0.021) and PLR (OR 1.327, 95%CI [1.215–1.450], P < 0.001) were independently associated with NSSI. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analyses demonstrated that for differentiating NSSI from non-NSSI, the optimal cut-off value of MLR was 0.135 and the area under curve was 0.638 ([0.561- 0.715], P < 0.001), with a sensitivity of 90.60% and a specificity of 33.70%; the optimal cut-off value of PLR was 127.505 and the area under curve was of 0.611 ([0.533–0.689], P < 0.001), with a sensitivity of 39.60% and a specificity of 81.10%. Conclusions: Systemic inflammation, as indicated by elevated MLR and PLR, was found to be strongly associated with NSSI among adolescents.”

Author: haidut