Vitamin D3 may cure H. pylori (HP) infection

It is hard to believe that the humble sunshine “vitamin” is also a powerful antibiotic, but that’s what the study below describes. Some of the effects were due to vitamin D activating the eponymous receptor (VDR), which increases T-cell activity. However, the study also demonstrates that vitamin D stimulates the release of antibacterial peptides by the gastric mucosa, as well as having direct antibiotic effects through some of its metabolites. The article does not mention doses, but other in-vivo studies I have seen on vitamin D for bacterial infections suggest that doses in the 5,000 IU – 10,000 IU range daily for 5-7 days may be sufficient to cure a bacterial infection.

“…In summary, the role of Vit D3 in the eradication of HP is certain and includes its classical pathway of binding to VDR to regulate the body’s immune defense and increase the secretion of AMPs, while the nonclassical pathway is a novel signaling pathway that initiates activation of the PDIA3-STAT3-MCOLN3-Ca2+ axis to reactivate the acidification and degradation of lysosomes and the collapse of the membrane structure of HP cells via degradation products. VitD3 represents a novel approach and a new option for the eradication of HP, but there are still some pathways or mechanisms that remain unclear and need further in-depth research and development.”

Author: haidut