Height is dependent on diet quality, not genes

I posted a few threads in the past demonstrating that gene are likely not the main driver of height, despite the mainstream dogma vehement claiming to the contrary. Intelligence and height are often presented as two of the most genetically driven variables of any given human. Below is yet another study demonstrating that switching to a diet containing animal protein allowed the Chinese boys to gain ~10cm on average over a period of just 25 years. Considering the 50-percentile height of a 12-year old Chinese boy in 1985 was around 120cm, the ~10cm gain represents a whopping 8% increase in height. That change is highly statistically significant and cannot be explained by any statistical manipulations as a fluke.


“…In the decade to 2017 global meat consumption rose by an average of 1.9% a year and fresh dairy consumption by 2.1% — both about twice as fast as population growth. Almost four-fifths of all agricultural land is dedicated to feeding livestock, if you count not just pasture but also cropland used to grow animal feed… It is largely through eating more pork and dairy that Chinese diets have come to resemble Western ones, rich in protein and fat. And it is mostly because their diets have altered that Chinese people have changed shape. The average 12-year-old urban boy was nine centimetres taller in 2010 than in 1985, the average girl seven centimetres taller. Boys in particular have also grown fatter.”

Author: haidut