If current trends hold, within a decade the entire population may become autistic

Peat published a newsletter not long ago in which he presented evidence that not only are autism rates rising but the general population is starting to exhibit some signs/symptoms of the condition. I think he called the phenomenon a “generation-wide autism”. The study below alarmingly predicts that if current trends hold within the next decade all differences between people diagnosed with autism and the general “healthy” population will disappear. The study argues that this will happen because of increased vagueness of the autism diagnosis itself. I personally, think the study has it backwards. Given the evidence I posted in numerous other threads showing young people having the “health” of people 30-40 years older, I suspect it would happen because within a decade everybody will be sick. Instead of generation-wide we will have population-wide autism.



“…However, Dr. Laurent Mottron, a professor at Université de Montréal’s Department of Psychiatry and a psychiatrist at Hôpital Rivière-des-Prairies of the CIUSSS du Nord-de-l’Île-de-Montréal, has serious reservations about this data. After studying meta-analyses of autism data, his research team found that the differences between people diagnosed with autism and the rest of the population are shrinking.”

“…“If this trend holds, the objective difference between people with autism and the general population will disappear in less than 10 years. The definition of autism may get too vague to be meaningful—trivializing the condition—because we are increasingly applying the diagnosis to people whose differences from the general population are less pronounced.”

Author: haidut