Intermittent fasting has no benefits, ups risk of dying from heart disease

The bad news for the intermittent fasting crowd (and by extension, for the low-carb crowd as well) just never seem to stop. Aside from the studies that came out recently from UCSF showing loss of muscle mass, insomnia, higher blood pressure, etc in people practicing that dietary fat, now we have a study that goes further. Namely, it demonstrated almost doubling the risk of dying (not just getting) from heart disease (CVD), in addition to being no better than simple caloric restriction for weight loss, blood pressure control, etc. As I have said many times in the past, on many podcasts, while “no pain, no gain” does seem to have some basis in reality, the current mantra of “more pain, more gain” (which is what all those torturous dietary fads are) is dangerous and unsustainable, and its popularity can only be explained by the globalist push for drastically lowering food/resource consumption, living standards, and (ultimately) the number of humans on this planet.

“…However, a yearlong study published in April 2022 that followed 139 Chinese adults ranging from overweight to significantly obese found no benefit over calorie counting for weight loss or improved cardiovascular health. Research presented this week immediately drew doubt and critiques from experts by suggesting that eating within an eight-hour window or less was significantly associated with a 91% increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, when compared with eating over a 12- to 16-hour period. An abstract of the preliminary research, which is not yet peer reviewed or published, was presented Monday in Chicago at a conference of the American Heart Association.”

Author: haidut