STUDY: high serotonin linked to dementia; MEDIA: low serotonin linked to dementia

Once again, a level of misreporting that I am much more included to ascribe to malice than incompetence simply because most of the popular press outlets covering a specific scientific study get the study authors to proof-read the press article before publishing. So, for patently false press articles like that to appear is most likely due to an attempt to preserve the status of serotonin as the “happy hormone”, as well as to delay/prevent the avalanche of lawsuit for iatrogenic dementia from all people taking SSRI and other serotonergic drugs. In summary, the actual study found that low levels of the serotonin transporter (SERT) – the sodium-dependent protein responsible for uptake and deactivation of serotonin – were associated with cognitive impairment (which usually develops into full-blown dementia/Alzheimer with age). In other words, higher extracellular serotonin levels were associated with dementia. The press articles state the exact opposite – that lower levels of the “happiness” hormone serotonin were associated with dementia. No wonder mainstream media is dying…Be that as it may, the study also suggests the prevention of dementia/Alzheimer may be as simple as eating some extra salt (providing the required sodium co-factor of SERT), or using a serotonin antagonist. Air ionizers, which also tend to decrease extracellular serotonin may be helpful too and can provide benefit 24×7 without any conscious effort on behalf of the person/people using them.

“…Loss of the “happiness” brain hormone serotonin might play a role in the decline of brain function as a person ages, a new study reports. People with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) had up to 25% lower levels of serotonin than healthy people in key regions of the brain associated with memory, problem-solving and emotion, researchers reported recently in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Serotonin Drop Linked to Memory Decline in Early Alzheimer’s Progression

“…Researchers discovered a potential link between lower levels of serotonin, the “happiness” chemical, and mild cognitive impairment (MCI), which could advance our understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Their study indicates that individuals with MCI have significantly reduced serotonin transporter levels, a factor that might contribute to memory problems and potentially AD. This finding offers new avenues for treatment, as serotonin levels could become a target for early intervention to slow or halt disease progression.”

Author: haidut