Omega-3 increase risk of atrial fibrillation (afib)

It looks like Big Pharma is just living the dream. Considering doctors left and right are recommending massive doses of omega-3 to everybody and their cat, Big Pharma selling drugs that treat afib seems like the perfect conspiracy of “sell them the poison and then the remedy”. Hopefully, the study below should give serious pause to doctors recommending and patient considering taking omega-3 for heart health. It would be great if after this study its authors conduct another one with omega-6, but I suspect that would be too much for most scientific journals to swallow. After all, what would we do without those “essential fatty acids” if a study finds they are dangerous for our health. Well, stay tuned for another post on that:-)

“…However, other clinical trials conducted outside of Cedars-Sinai pointed to an elevated risk of developing atrial fibrillation in patients treated with omega-3 fatty acids, causing confusion among clinicians and patients alike. To further explore the potential reasons for differences between the results of these studies, Albert and team performed a meta-analysis, which combines the results of multiple scientific studies. This analytical comparison between studies suggested that the risk of developing atrial fibrillation is dependent on the dose of omega-3 fatty acids.”

Author: haidut