Compared to meat eaters, vegans / vegetarian / pescatarians have higher risk of fractures

The study just hit major news outlets and is generating a lot of “controversy”. Why putting that word in quotes? Because, as I mentioned in several other posts, that word has become a euphemism for “embarrassing truth” that mainstream medicine (and often society at large) will do just about anything to suppress. While the negative … Read more

Cutting down on red / processed meat does NOT benefit health

The crusade against meat is one of the most vibrant topics on the blogosphere. It used to be a small subset of the population who objected to eating meat mostly out of moral reasons (e.g. concern for animal welfare) or due to health concerns. At the same time, the meatless movement conveniently ignores studies that … Read more

Vegans and vegetarians have a higher risk of stroke

A good reminder that vegetables are not as benign, let alone as healthy, as your board-certified, PhD-boasting, marathon-running corporate nutritionist would have you believe. In fact, this is not the first study to seriously question the “eat mostly plants” mantra. Several other very large and well-controlled studies have found that a diet high in vegetables … Read more