Topical T3 dramatically stimulates hair growth

I am posting this just a quick follow up and possible enhancement over the approach discussed in my previous post on estrogen causing hair loss. The study below demonstrated that applying daily the HED of a few mcg of T3 per square inch of skin increased hair length by several thousand percent. As such, a … Read more

Thyroid hormone (T3) therapy may treat multiple sclerosis (MS)

A great study, which directly demonstrates that the demyelination seen in this “autoimmune” condition targeting the nervous system is driven by low levels of T3. Conversely, the study also found that administration of either plain T3 or a synthetic analog was able to restore the myelin sheet and ameliorate the disease. As such, MS is … Read more

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) may be simply hypothyroidism

The rate of CFS in the general population has been steadily increasing over the last 2 decades. While mainstream medicine refuses to accept the pathology as objectively existing condition, an off-label diagnosis of CFS is often communicated by a doctor to a patient, and is explained as being a “functional” idiopathic disorder for which currently … Read more