We Learn Faster When Our Choices Aren’t Forced / Influenced

One of the most popular quotes by Peat states that “The attempt to steer a person can make it hard for them to move, because it inactivates their own guidance system“. While he said it in the context of authoritarian systems designed to force/elicit specific actions from people, I have long suspected that such inactivation … Read more

Playfulness, novelty, and leisure are vital for progress and true knowledge

About a year ago I made a post arguing that leisure, desire, playfulness and relaxation are vital for learning and knowledge. The study below now argues that unstructured play similar to the way children play is absolutely vital for making progress in any aspect of life, be that science, technology, politics or even every human … Read more

People with more intellectual humility have superior (general) knowledge

A really good study, which may suggest the arrogant “experts” running society are probably a lot less knowledgeable and wise then they would have us believe. The study is also potentially a corroboration of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. So, it looks like it is better to be surrounded by humble people. There is no guarantee that … Read more