Rats can drive cars (to lower stress), befriend robot rats and help them when in trouble

Official/pathological science keeps sternly warning us not to anthropomorphize and to think of animals as nothing but dumb, soul-less automatons. Yet, there has been no evidence discovered in over 100 years of pathological science reign to support such a view. To the contrary, the studies below add even more to the already existing pile of … Read more

Rats play hide-and-seek for the fun of it, just like humans

Slowly but surely, the foundations of the “pathological science” – initiated and patronized by corporations like GE – are crumbling. One of the tenets of this “science” is the “false” human tendency for anthropomorphism – i.e. ascribing human qualities, abilities, and behaviors to “primitive” animals. The famed linguist Noam Chomsky is another known critique of … Read more