Increased fatty acid synthesis (FAS) is simply a sign of oxygen deficiency / low metabolism

Just a quick post on a study that provides insight as to how increased fatty acid oxidation (FAO) can “paradoxically” result in increased FAS as well, thus leading to a vicious cycle most commonly seen in diabetes and cancer. One of my recent posts discussed a much more recent study that demonstrated the same effect … Read more

The human organism is an “electrome” and diseases can be cured by controlling electron flow

A great article describing the forgotten idea that the human organism is not simply a “wetware” of cells generated according to a master blueprint (DNA). Apparently, as early as the 1920s there were devices that could diagnose even very early stage cancer by simply measuring voltage difference between different body parts. In order words, cancer … Read more

The brain can be revived hours after death, and without a body

I mentioned the idea of “suspended animation” on several of Danny Roddy’s podcasts and posted in a few threads that rat brains have been kept alive for days during experiments conducted in the early 1990s. These experiments severely challenge our idea of what it means to be “dead” and suggest there is indeed … Read more