Blocking PUFA supply halts brain cancer (glioblastoma)

Just a few days ago I posted about the strikingly therapeutic effects of vitamin B3 in brain cancer (glioblastoma). The mechanism of action of niacin in that study was deemed to be boosting of the immune system’s ability to recognize the tumor and destroy it. In that post I opined that I suspect niacin’s inhibition … Read more

Vitamin B3 remarkably therapeutic for brain cancer (glioblastoma)

As many of my readers know, brain cancer rates have been steadily rising over the last 3 decades and are now a leading cause of death in both elderly and also very young people. The most common (and deadly) form of brain cancer is glioblastoma multiforme and the average life expectancy after diagnosis is just … Read more

Aspirin now proposed as treatment for brain cancer

The news on treating cancer as metabolic disease just keep on coming. This new study discusses a “novel” drug based on aspirin as a potential treatment for brain cancer. Its only other (inactive) ingredients are triacetin and saccharin. The rationale for creating this bizarre “new” drug are apparently the widely publicized (but untrue) gastrointestinal side … Read more