Natural progesterone (but not synthetic progestins) has potent anti-hypertensive effects

As many readers already know, synthetic estrogens and progestins currently dominate the market for female reproductive health. These chemicals are in everything from birth control pills, to drugs for “treating” endometriosis, to drugs for menopausal symptoms, to treating neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, etc. The argument for using synthetic version of both hormones has always … Read more

Oral free/base (unesterified) testosterone is more effective and safer than synthetic AAS

A number of my blog readers contacted me over the last 2 weeks and urged me to write this post in response to the recent FDA approval of the first oral testosterone (T) product in the USA. The approved product will contain the testosterone ester undecanoateĀ in the form of tablets. Well here is my … Read more

(Sometimes) to do nothing as cancer treatment is also good medicine

Just a week ago I made post about a book calling for all but the abolition of the medical system. The evidence for any systemic benefit are just not there, while the evidence for iatrogenic harm and death, as well as astounding financial costs, is abundant. A call for medical nihilism – to do nothing … Read more

Aspirin actually decreases risk of bleeding in the brain

As many readers know, one of the scary stories Big Pharma tells about aspirin is that it increases the risk of bleeding in the GI tract or brain. As such aspirin has long been bashed as a possible cause of so-called hemorrhaging strokes. I posted two studies a few years ago demonstrating that aspirin, in … Read more