Some aromatase inhibitors (AI) are estrogenic

I have long suspected this considering the peculiar side effects of some AI drugs, but was not able to find concrete evidence…until now. The study below demonstrates that one of the most widely used AI – anastrozole – is a potent estrogen receptor activator/agonist, and at low concentrations too. At higher concentrations, the estrogenic effects … Read more

Aromatase inhibitor (AI) + DHT combo may reverse kidney disease (CKD)

A truly great study for a number of reasons. First, it cites extensive evidence that male patients with diabetes (both types) have low androgens and high estrogen (estradiol). The association between this endocrine abnormality and the severity of diabetes is apparently quite strong, yet it is virtually unknown in endocrinology circles. In fact, there have … Read more

Inhibiting aromatase (to lower estrogen) may treat gastric (stomach) cancer

Yet another study demonstrating the causative link between estrogen and a cancer considered to be hormone-independent. Gastric cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-deaths worldwide, and especially Asian countries. It is considered very hard to treat and most patients are diagnosed at stages when surgery is not a viable option. As such, the … Read more